Maru works with different organisations to assist rural communities in accessing business opportunities. One of the biggest challenges is the availability of the required skills within the communities. Maru conducts skills audits for communities and designs the necessary training for them. Need of training arises due to advancement in technology, need for improving performance or as part of professional development.

At Maru we provide accredited and non-accredited Training in the following areas:

  • New Venture Creation;
  • Corporate and Cooperative Governance;
  • Financial Management and Costing;
  • Principles of Business Management;
  • Conflict Management;
  • Project Management and Implementation;
  • Presentation and Public Speaking Skills;
  • Small Business Management program;
  • Community Based Natural Recourse Management;
  • End User Computing;
  • Business Mentorship;
  • Community Based Natural Resource Management; and
  • Arts & Heritage Awareness raising and workshops.